GRP Covers are designed, manufactured and installed to protect the environment against any odours in a very corrosive atmosphere. GRP Covers are designed to British & European Standards incorporating specific Customer preferences.


  • Light weight (50% less than steel) reduces installation costs – both labour and equipment required!
  • Light weight also reduces overall weight of support structures!
  • Safe around electrical equipment – very low electrical conductivity!
  • Resistant to most chemicals!
  • As good in hot, humid or arctic conditions – low thermal conductivity!
  • Outperform any metal cover;

Technical Information

Main Design Specifications

PJNC GRP Odour Covers are designed to the following specifications:

  • EN ISO 1991-1-1:2002
  • British Water – Code of Practice 22.96
  • Specific Water Authority Specifications



Inlet Channels
Screen Areas
Grit Lanes
Sludge Tanks
Pump Wells
Screw Pump Stations
Primary Settlement Tanks
Storm Tanks



Type of Odour covers

Walk-on Covers
Non Walk-on Covers
Walk-in Covers
Removable Covers
Hatches – man access, inspection and pump types
Sliding Covers
Rotating Covers
Penstock Covers
Odour Enclosures



The GRP Cover System includes

GRP Cover Profiles
GRP Support Structures
Stainless Steel 316 Accessories (fasteners and brackets)