GRP Odour Covers

GRP Odour Control Covers are designed, manufactured and installed to protect the environment against any odours in a very corrosive atmosphere. GRP Covers are designed to British & European Standards incorporating specific Customer preferences.

Advantages of Odour Control Covers

  • Both Walk-On and Non-Walk-On covers are available.
  • Most of the covers are custom designed which allows flexibility for any situation.
  • Our covers are mostly flat with less air space underneath resulting in lower odour volume
  • This will lower the cost of odour control covers equipment.
  • On the web it shows double hyphens


  • Light weight (50% less than steel) reduces installation costs – both labour and equipment required!
  • Light weight also reduces overall weight of support structures!
  • Safe around electrical equipment – very low electrical conductivity!
  • Resistant to most chemicals!
  • As good in hot, humid or arctic conditions – low thermal conductivity!
  • Outperform any metal cover;

Technical Information

Main Design Specifications

PJNC GRP Odour Control Covers are designed to the following specifications:

  • EN ISO 1991-1-1:2002
  • British Water – Code of Practice 22.96
  • Specific Water Authority Specifications



Inlet Channels
Screen Areas
Grit Lanes
Sludge Tanks
Pump Wells
Screw Pump Stations
Primary Settlement Tanks
Storm Tanks



Type of Odour covers

Walk-on Covers
Non Walk-on Covers
Walk-in Covers
Removable Covers
Hatches – man access, inspection and pump types
Sliding Covers
Rotating Covers



The GRP Cover System includes

GRP Cover Profiles
GRP Support Structures
Stainless Steel 316 Accessories (fasteners and brackets)