Roofing Calculator : Calculate Area & Materials Required

This Roofing Calculator is designed to help you figure out how much roofing materials you will need for your home. It will calculate the area of a roof, calculate the overall roof pitch and calculate how many square feet of roofing material you require. In this age of building contractors, it is important to ensure that the construction project is completed on time. This article provides you with an easy to use roofing calculator which will help you calculate the area and materials required for a roofing job.

Did you know that the height of your roof can make a difference in how much it will cost to replace? Next time you are calculating roofing costs, consider these facts.

Roofing Calculator : Calculate Area & Materials Required

Use this roofing calculator to calculate the area and materials required for your roof. Simply enter in your roof pitch, slope, and wall thickness. This calculator will automatically calculate the amount of shingles needed to cover the required area. The roofing calculator is a software that helps you to calculate the area and materials required to build a roof. The roofing calculator will calculate the area required for the roof, roof pitch, roof type, insulation, finish and more.

The roofing calculator has been designed to help you choose the right type of roofing material for your home. It also has a simple interface that makes it easy to use.

Steps to Calculate Area & Materials Required

1. Enter the height of the roof and the slope of the roof pitch.

2. Enter roof type (flat, low slope or high slope) and the thickness of the roofing material required (in inches).

3. If you want to calculate your roof’s area, enter a width of 6 ft., 4 in., 4 ft., 2 in., etc., depending on what kind of attic space you have and whether you want to calculate area for a dormer or hip-roof.

4. If you need to know how much material is required for your roof project, enter an amount of shingles or roll-about that will cover your area and then click “Calculate”.

5. After it calculates how much material is needed, click “Download” to download this information or “Save As” to save this information so that you can use it again later if needed!

Calculating the area and materials required for your roofing project is one of the most important steps to follow before making a purchase. It’s no secret that installing a new roof is a big job. The materials required can be expensive, and many of the tools and techniques needed to do the job safely are probably unfamiliar to you. How do you know how much roofing material you will need for your home? What are the general requirements for working from a ladder? And what about safety gear? We’ve compiled this guide to help walk you through the basics and give you a better sense of what to expect when it comes time to install or repair your roof.