GRP Platforms offer an economical alternative to metal in corrosive environments or where access for installation is limited.
GRP Platforms & Walkways are designed to the same specifications than metal.

Advantages of GRP Platforms & Walkways

  • Light weight (50% less than steel) reduces installation costs – both labour and equipment required!
  • Light weight also reduces overall weight of support structures or foundations!
  • Safe around electrical equipment – very low electrical conductivity!
  • Resistant to most chemicals!
  • As good in hot, humid or arctic conditions – low thermal conductivity!
  • Platforms can be supplied in sub assemblies and GRP Walkways for on site assembly which minimises the use of cranes



Design Specifications


  1. BS EN 1991-1-1
  2. EN ISO 14122
  3. BS 4592
  4. BS EN 13706
  5. EEMUA



The GRP Platforms include


  1. GRP frame, flooring, columns
    and handrail
  2. Prefabricated structures
  3. GRP Walkways Structure
  4. Partly or fully assembled
  5. Stainless steel A4 316 fixings
  6. GRP and Stainless steel A4 brackets